Portable Hot Tubs for Sale: 3 Top Recommendations

Looking for a way to relieve stress and relax in a portable spa? Tight on a budget?

Then tuning into when and where there are portable hot tub sales could do just the trick!

Portable Hot Tubs Sale: My 3 Best Picks

Let me walk you through my personal favorite portable jacuzzi spas and give you TIPS on what to do during PORTABLE SPA SALES.

Coleman SaluSpa Hawaii

General Features

  • Water Capacity: 177 gallons
  • Maximum Temperature: 104 °F
  • Bubble Jets: 114
  • Sits 4 people
On Sale Now
Bestway SaluSpa Hawaii AirJet Inflatable Hot Tub Spa | 71" x 71" x 26" Square Shape | Fits Up to 4-6...
  • Enjoy the ultimate spa experience: receive total relaxation when you slip into this square-shaped portable hot tub after...
  • Operate from inside the hot tub: The digital control panel lets you change the water temperature (up to 104 degrees...
  • Design delivers strength and comfort: Bestway Salsa Hawaii's y-beam construction is designed to offer maximum structural...

Portable AND a crowd favorite? The Coleman Hawaii instant hot tub guarantees quality and more!

Portable Hot Tubs For Sale

Enjoy an amazing massage with bubbles from its air jets spa, coupled with a nice and comfortable cushioned floor. It has a rapid heating system you can easily control, too.

Moreover, the Coleman Hawaii is not only durable with its I-beam construction, but it also gives you a lot of inclusions: pool liner, cover, pump, filter cartridges, and air pad protector.

Coleman SaluSpa Hawaii

Also, adjust your water temperature controls using a power-saving timer.

The one catch? It is only advertised to comfortably sit 4 people.

You can easily store the spa after, thanks to the two easy lift handles on its sides.

  • Jets and pump massage system
  • Digital control heat system
  • Simple design
  • Space capacity of 4 people

Intex 28431E PureSpa 6 Person (Comes With LED Lights)

General Features

  • Water Capacity: 220 gallons
  • Maximum Temperature: 104 °F
  • Bubble Jets: 170
  • Sits 6 people
On Sale Now
Intex 28431E PureSpa Plus 85" x 28" 6 Person Outdoor Portable Inflatable Round Hot Tub Spa with 170...
  • Pampering yourself is easier than ever with 170 soothing high-powered jets that give you the ultimate spa experience in...
  • Provides relaxation at the touch of a button for up to 6 people with the easy-to-use, tilt-adjustable control panel
  • Built-in hard water treatment system makes water gentler on your skin, clothes, and the entire spa system

Portable inflatable hot tubs also come with extra features like LED lights.

If you're someone who values experience and comfort, then you'll definitely get it from the Intex PureSpa. Along with the lights, it also has inflatable headrests that are perfect for a long day.

Unfortunately though, the tub doesn't come with installed seats.

intex 28431E purespa 6 person (comes with LED lights)

However, you're left with more room for a relaxation session with the rest of your family and friends! The air jets of this hot tub can definitely give 6 people a relaxing massage.

You also don't have to worry about soaking in for too long because its chlorine-hard water treatment system and filter cartridges account for water quality.

  • Lighting system and value for comfort
  • Air jets relaxation
  • Water treatment
  • No built-in seats
  • Limited availability

Goplus 4-6 Person Portable Outdoor Spa Inflatable Hot Tub

General Features

  • Water Capacity: 264 gallons
  • Maximum Temperature: 104 °F
  • Bubble Jets: 130
  • Sits 4-6 people
Goplus 4-6 Person Portable Outdoor Spa, Inflatable Hot Tub, Jets Bubble Massage Relaxing Massage...
320 Buyer Ratings
Goplus 4-6 Person Portable Outdoor Spa, Inflatable Hot Tub, Jets Bubble Massage Relaxing Massage...
  • 【Bubble Massage Function】Omnidirectional soothing bubble jets can massage your whole body in comfortable hot water....
  • 【Rapid Heating】With heating function, the heating time of the hot tub varies depending on the temperature of the...
  • 【Wear-resistant Material & Strong Frame】This hot tub is made of high quality PVC material, suitable for indoor and...

The Goplus hot tubs make it to my list because they offer all the basic features you'd want in a spa.

Even more, is that it prioritizes being adaptable to the indoors and outdoors.

How does it do this? The Goplus offers an insulated cover to help in the loss of heat. This is similar to the Snappy Spa portable hot tub.

Goplus 4-6 Person Portable Outdoor Spa Inflatable Hot Tub

Additionally, it values its air jets and hydro jets stream to make sure you get your money and time's worth. Easily store them after using its spa handles.

Its main drawback though? It doesn't come with much to customize.

  • Simple and easy to use
  • Minimize heat loss
  • Strong air jets system
  • No extra features
  • Low customizability

Portable Hot Tub for Sale: What's the Best Deal to Buy?

The best deal to choose among portable jacuzzis for sale considers the following:

  • Wear and tear of the tub. Also, make sure there are no leaks that come with strong air jets.
  • Future maintenance. A portable jacuzzi for sale is worth it only if it seems like the price of getting it on a sale is not offset by repairs you have to make.
  • Price. Make sure that a portable spa for sale is reasonably priced. If the price is too low, question it. If the price is still too close to the original price, consider buying it from a non-sale.

There are a lot of reasons why people put portable spas for sale. You may have to ensure that these three aspects are addressed, especially if the portable spas sale includes used adult hot tubs.

Arguably, a great deal would be between you and a reliable seller.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

For more commonly asked questions about portable tubs, I'll answer them for you below.

Is It Safe to Buy a Used Portable Hot Tub?

Definitely! A used tub may just have more wear and tear than new models. However, it should be just as functional.

Can I Trust Buying Portable Hot Tubs On Sale?

Yes! Be sure to always check the reviews through trustworthy sources.

Take note of the following:

  • Hot tub age and maintenance
  • Jets and portability features
  • Seller credibility

Don't get scammed out of a relaxing experience during a portable hot tub sale.

Do Brands Give Off Discounts for Their Hot Tubs?

Some reputable brands often do, like Coleman and Intex. However, Goplus is more of a niche brand to find in sales.


Getting enticed with an advertisement that says "FOR SALE: INFLATABLE HOT TUB NEAR ME" should make you happy! But of course, be wary about the technicalities especially when it's on SALE.

These are the best inflatable hot tubs you should definitely look out for:

  • Coleman Hawaii SaluSpa for an overall relax session
  • Intex 6-Person PureSpa for ambience and strong jets
  • Goplus Outdoor Spa for the basic features

Let me know what you think is the best inflatable hot tub in the comments below!

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