Best 2-Person Inflatable Hot Tubs: 4 Top Picks Reviewed

Who says hot tubs need to be expensive?

Or even that you need to have them all year round?

Inflatable hot tubs address both issues while still giving you the high-quality relaxing experience that a regular hot tub provides.

So if you're ready, I'm going through four of the best 2 person hot tubs you can find because it's always nice to have something you can share, right?

4 Best 2 Person Inflatable Hot Tubs

Not having enough space in your house shouldn't stop you from getting a quality spa experience!

Let's go over 4 of the best two-person hot tubs so you can find one that suits you!

AquaSpa Portable 2 Person Inflatable Spa

Say hello to the higher-tech tub in the bunch. The AquaSpa Portable is perfect if you want to entertain and impress guests out on your patio.

2 person inflatable hot tub featured image

Its square design has enough space for at least two people to sit in and even up to 3 people if you're having a small get-together.

This tub may be inflatable, but it's definitely nothing to be scoffed at.

This tub heats to a warm 104 degrees maximum temperature, but, of course, you can have it lower if that's uncomfortable for you.

Check out these appealing features:

  • Built-in massage system
  • Soothing Air Jet system
  • Rapid heating system

I told you, it's high-tech!

Have anyone step into this hot tub and watch them immediately relax as the jets go off.

It even has a built-in water filtration system meaning that the water gentler on the skin, clothes, and the entire spa system. Sensitive skin? Not a problem.

Beyond all of this extra technology, this hot tub also delivers on the basics front. It comes with a ground cloth, a cover, filter cartridges, a draining system, and an inflation hose.

All of these things make this hot tub incredibly easy to set up, so no worries when you begin to install it.

  • Packs a strong massaging experience
  • High-tech features for an extra soothing and relaxing session
  • Rapid heating for added convenience
  • Easily set up
  • Can't be used in the winter

ALEKO HTRP2BK 2 Person Blow Up Hot Tub

The ALEKO HTRP2BK is for your more understated hot tub user or someone who wants to go into stealth mode.

It's made in all black for an ultra-sleek aesthetic and looks appealing both indoors or outdoors.

ALEKO Inflatable Hot Tub Insulator 2-Person Tub Black HTRP2BK
  • Protect your Outdoor Hot Tub with ALEKO’s Inflatable Oval Insulator Top
  • Color: Black
  • Insulator Top retains heat, and keeps water clean when hot tub is not in use

And if you thought that inflatable tubs couldn't have air jets, think again! This two-person hot tub will leave you feeling uber relaxed with the built-in water jets.

If you want to make sure you keep the water temperature and prevent any heat loss, you can also get an insulated cover for your tub that matches perfectly with the actual hot tub.

It's easily set up, too, with an air pump that inflates in just a few minutes; you'll be lounging in comfort and style in your new hot tub in no time!

So, for those of you with a taste for minimalism who need enough room for a two-person hot tub, this is for you!

  • Price-friendly
  • Sleek, elegant appeal
  • Comes with built-in jets
  • Minimalist design
  • Cover has subpar insulation

ALEKO HTIO2BKW 2 Person Hot Tub Inflatable Spa

The ALEKO HTIO2BKW is a great all-rounder hot tub.

What I mean to say is this hot tub has everything you could need with loads of built-in features like a power pack, filter pump, a filter cartridge, a ground and tub cover.

With all of that, what else could you be looking for? And not to mention, it comes in several different colors, each to suit your personal preference.

This hot tub heater gets up to a maximum temperature of 108 degrees. (But please be careful, and its recommended temperature is 104 degrees or lower)

ALEKO 145 Gallon Water Capacity 2 Person Oval Inflatable High Powered Bubble Jetted Hot Tub with...
  • IMPROVES PHYSICAL AND MENTAL HEALTH: 2 people, 145-gallon water capacity hot tub is ideal for joint/muscular pain,...
  • IMPROVES PHYSICAL AND MENTAL HEALTH: 2 people, 145-gallon water capacity hot tub is ideal for joint/muscular pain,...
  • HOT TEMPERATURE: Heats up to a maximum temperature of 104 degrees; For safest use, it is recommended to set your...

With that kind of heat, you can easily dip into this tub to relax at the end of a long day and soothe your nerves or any sore muscles.

If you need a little extra relaxation, this tub also comes with bubble massage jets to ease aches and pains.

Note that the bubbles don't come with a timer option so you will need to manually stop the setting.

This is one of the best value options for a hot tub and perfect for if you want to spend a romantic evening out on your deck or yard with a special someone.

  • Includes a lot of tub accessories
  • Well-rounded and balanced pick
  • Solid money value
  • Comes with small table
  • Heater may be tricky to use

Qicaso Inflatable Hot Tub (2 person)

This Qicaso hot tub is best for those looking for the ultimate at-home spa experience.

It comes with 105 water jets and heats up to a maximum temperature of 104 degrees; all made to enhance your relaxation experience.

If you're worried about this tub falling apart or getting loose, don't!

Qicaso 3 Person Inflatable Spa Hot Tub with 105 All-Surrounding Air Jets, Digital Control Panel,...
  • RELAXATION WITH 105 WATER JETS: Pampering yourself is easier than ever with 105 soothing high-powered jets that give you...
  • SPECIFICATIONS: Max temperature 39℃ /102℉; 105 all-surrounding air jets; Digital control panel; Waterproof PCB....
  • DURABLE CONSTRUCTION: Sturdy I-beam construction; 3-ply reinforce wall offering superior strength and durability;...

It's incredibly sturdy and built with an I-beam construction and 3-ply reinforced walls and floor so it holds its integrity even after tons of use.

It comes with all the basic necessities you need, like a tub cover to keep it at a cozy temperature. You're also getting a spa pump, a filter, and a double drain system.

All of these built-in features make this tub super easy to install and it's quickly filled too.

Have the perfect spa experience in the comfort of your own home!

This tub may be basic but it's still worth getting if you're looking for a simple way to treat yourself after a stressful day.

  • A LOT of jets
  • Ideal for simple and practical users
  • I-beam construction reinforced walls holds shape and improves durability
  • Valve pump may tend to leak

Advantages of an Inflatable 2 Person Hot Tub

There are a couple of things that make a two-person tub worth your while and I'll go over them now.

  • If you often have friends over, you'll be getting a lot of bang for your buck
  • Most of these bigger tubs come with air jets that add to the relaxing spa experience
  • Even the smallest size has more room than a single tub - so even if you don't use it as a tub, it can be used as a small outdoor pool!
  • Because they are inflatable the tub weight of these products is barely anything - they're portable and easy to bring out whenever you need

Disadvantages of a Two-Person Inflatable Hot Tub

Of course, with the good, there are always some bad things and it wouldn't be fair if I didn't mention those too.

  • Some of the tubs can be a little expensive and if you go for the more affordable options you're getting basic tubs.
  • The heating systems can be a little tricky and some of the jets don't have timers so you'll need to keep an extra watchful eye on these things.
  • Sometimes, a tub cover doesn't always work to keep the heat in.
  • Most don't come with LED lights

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here's a little bit of information that people always want to know when looking into a 2 person inflatable hot tub.

What Is the Best 2 Person Tub?

Personally, I would go with the AquaSpa tub. Like its name, you're getting a comfortable, quality spa experience with this tub.

what is the best 2 person tub

it may be a little more expensive because you're paying for a lot of the technology but because of its size, I think it's well worth it.

Who Should Buy a Two-Person Inflatable Sauna?

People who enjoy entertaining friends or people who want to relax in a heated bubble pool but don't necessarily have space, budget, or time for upkeep to have a full-size year-round hot tub.

If you prefer having jets in your tub, go with these bigger options. They're made with a lot more of these spa-like features involved and will easily get you relaxed while at home.

It's also preferable to choose one that comes with a filtration system, cartridges, and chemical floater included.

What Is the Average Price of a 2 Person Hot Tub?

A good quality two-person tub will likely hover at around $550 to $600 dollars give or take a few.

It may be pricey but I imagine if you sit in your tub more than twice a month, you're going to make up for that price in no time.

What Is the Cheapest 2 Person Tub?

The cheapest on this list is the ALEKO HTIO2BKW at around $550.

what is the cheapest 2 person tub

Remember: Even with this basic option you're already getting jets and a heater, which I think is perfectly solid for a mid-range tub!


I hope this list has not only helped you appreciate inflatable hot tubs more but also given you a little bit more insight into which you should get!

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