8 Inflatable Hot Tub Safety Tips for Children & Toddlers

Keeping Child Safe in Hot tub

Everyone just luuuuuurves to be in an inflatable hot tub, children and children-at-heart alike.

Who wouldn’t want a swimming pool right on their own backyard that even produces bubbles?

Bubble are freakin’ cool, yo!

But before you let your kids soak into the relaxing hot waters, you should first know of several ways to keep them safe while in the portable hot tub.

After all, your kids’ safety should be your top most priority.

In this article, you’ll learn a few pointers so you can keep your children away from any harms of the hot tub without having to take away their fun.

These tips are very practical and should also be learned by your kids for their own safety.


Here are some precautions before a child or toddler gets into a hot tub.

You and your child should first agree to always obey the rules of using the tab.

Kids should also only eat a light meal before going into the tub because moving around the tub with a full belly can cause stomach discomfort.

Make sure that you have a phone nearby in case of an emergency.

Should the worst happen, call 911 (or your whatever your local emergency number is) as fast as possible.

Below are some safety tips we recommend you and your kids follow when using an inflatable hot tub:

1. Toddler In Hot Tub? Better Not.

As a general rule, hot tubs are not for children ages 5 and below. Their skin is far more sensitive to handle the hot waters that can reach up to 104°F.

Not to mention, toddlers and infants could very well drown in a hot tub.

If your kids really like to play in a tub, purchasing an inflatable tub for toddlers is a possibility.

2. Kids Must Meet A Minimum Height Requirement

If your kids have reached age 6, then they are eligible to get into the tub contingent to meeting the height requirement.

height requirement

Kids must be taller than the inflatable tub to use it.

Your child must at least be tall enough to stand in the tub with his or head above the water.

Otherwise, you have to let them wear flotation devices and have an adult accompany them at all times while on the tub.

3. Kids Must Wear The Proper Swim Wear

To give an added layer of protection, your kids must wear the proper swim attire while in the tub.

kids must have proper swim wear

Kids must have proper swim wear.

Let them wear flotation aids, so they won’t be prone to drowning.

You can also let them wear goggles to prevent irritable chemicals in the water to get into their eyes.

4. Always Have An Adult Supervise The Children

It is imperative that you have an adult to look after your children while they are in the tub.

This is to prevent accidents such as heat stroke, dizziness, or worse: even drowning.

Firmly tell your kids about this rule, and emphasize that it is for their own safety.

5. Don't Stay Too Long In The Hot Tub

Kids often have lower tolerance to heat than adults.

As such, their bodies overheat faster which can lead to serious conditions such as vomiting and fainting.

Kids that are ages 5-12 should stay in the hot tub for no longer 5 minutes at a time.

They can get back in after their bodies have cooled down, which takes 10 to 15 minutes after they left the tub.

6. No Roughhousing While In The Inflatable Hot Tub

The hot tub poses several risks and dangers to your child.

Explain to them that the tub is not a playing area and that it has components such as drains and spa jets that can suck their hair and trap them underwater.

“How long can you hold your breath” is a common game which should not be played in a hot tub.

7. When Not In Use, Always Keep The Lid On

Because it’s so much fun to be in an inflatable hot tub, your kids can be tempted to go in even without your permission.

cover with lid when not in use

Some inflatable hot tubs come with a lid.

An unsupervised child going into a hot tub is a big no.

To prevent this always keep your hot tub lid locked after every use and use a code that your kids don’t know.

8. Always Keep Your Hot Tub Clean

Part of keeping your children safe is to regularly clean your hot tub and maintain the quality of its water.

easy to setup and maintain

When left unclean for a long time, the water in your hot tub may cause skin irritation and other potential skin diseases to you and your child.

For the proper cleaning method and its schedule, please refer to your user manual or read our handy guide.

The key to keeping your child safe in any situation is to bear the brunt of being a responsible parent.

Keeping an eye on your child and keeping by the rules of the pool or hot tub doesn’t take away the fun.

They are there to ensure that everyone, adults and children alike, can have the best time and enjoying a relaxing bath without having to leave their backyard.