Simple Tips To Lower Your Hot Tub Maintenance Cost

This post discusses the cost of maintaining a hot tub and how to save money by making some simple changes.

Maintaining a hot tub will cost you money, but you don't have to pay for an arm and a leg to keep it in good shape. The key is to understand the basics of maintaining a hot tub and then take advantage of some of the best practices that have been proven to save you money.

Calculate Your Maintenance Cost

Like most people, you'd probably look at the price and the features first when choosing a hot tub. But you may notice, you'd be paying more in maintenance costs for a budget hot tub than if you were to buy a pricier but more efficient model.

For instance, with a hot tub using premium insulation and cutting-edge technology for maximum energy savings, you might just spend around $20 per month on electricity. But with a low-priced hot tub, you could spend four or five times as much.

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Some brands offer a convenient way to calculate how much you'd spend per month on electricity based on your chosen model through their online calculator. In most cases, you'd be running your hot tub at 102 degrees Fahrenheit six times per week and with jets on for 15 minutes. Results may vary depending on your location (local Rate per Kilowatt Hour).

You'll get a ballpark figure, so it could be higher or lower than that. If you want a more precise reading, you can refer to your hot tub user's manual. Check how much power each of the individual components uses, namely your pump, heater, and UV lights (if any), and then multiply that with the actual no. of hours you're going to use your hot tub in a month.

You also need to consider how much water you need to fill your hot tub and how often you want to replace them every year. Usually, it's only around 3 to 4 times a year, and the price of water per gallon is not that high ($0.2 per gallon). You need a hot tub treatment system to keep your hot tub sanitized, and you need to monitor the pH levels constantly. This will cost you an additional $50 per month on top of your water and electricity bill.

Key Takeaways: Some hot tub websites will give you an estimate of how much you're going to spend every month, but you can also do the math yourself by checking the hot tub manual.

Money-Saving Tips

Even your best-looking spas need some maintenance. But with some simple tricks and techniques, you can save yourself time and enjoy your hot tub for many years. We recommend a hot tub with a lot of documentation and instructions to help get you up and running.

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Your hot tub will likely have regular visits from service technicians to ensure that you don't have problems. Some of these steps can be performed on your own, while others, such as upgrades and repairs requiring authorized parts, are best left to expert technicians.

Here's how you can cut the cost of your hot tub maintenance:

  1. Invest in good quality water filters - good quality filters keep your hot tub water clean much longer. And they also require less cleaning. Polyester "paper" filters usually last for two years, while pricier but better quality ceramic filters can last for up to 4 years and offers twice the cleaning area as other filters of the same size. You'll be saving money on water and hot tub treatment by simply getting a better filter.
  2. Get your hot tub insulated - most high-end hot tubs already have excellent insulation. However, if you happen to get a budget hot tub with little to no insulation, you can always have them installed by a qualified hot tub technician. Note: you can find videos on YouTube on how you can safely insulate your hot tub, but for now, just getting your hot tub covered or using a thermal blanket to keep it warm will do. With superb insulation, your hot tub's heating element won't have to work too hard and maintain a base temperature close to your ideal temperature when not in use.
  3. Get a good quality hot tub - always buy from hot tub suppliers or manufacturers with a proven track record in durability and reliability. The money you save from having more minor repairs and hot tub visits will be way more than buying a low-quality hot tub that needs constant repair. You can also save on a second-hand hot tub but make sure to have someone with you who has long experience with hot tubs to assess its current condition.

Key Takeaways: With hot tubs, you always get what you pay for.

Choose Your Hot Tub Based on Your Needs

The cost of maintaining your hot tub depends on the type of hot tub you wish to buy. Different models differ in material, functionality, and size. Some hot tubs are built with a higher-end model of seats, jets, lighting, and entertainment, and these models may cost more at the initial purchase.

choose your hot tub based on your needs

The good news is they're less expensive to maintain and care because of the quality of materials and workmanship manufacturers put into every single hot tub they make.

Of course, budget hot tubs are also a welcome option if you're not going to use them heavily and you're not planning to retain the hot tub for an extended period of time. Whatever choice you make should always meet your needs and long-term goals.

Key Takeaways: List down your reasons for having a hot tub and how long you want to use it to guide you in your buying decisions.


Thanks to modern advances in hot tub technology, hot tubs are becoming more efficient. However, not all hot tubs are created equal, and you still need to do some research to find which ones will give the best bang for your buck or if you need to do some minor upgrades, so it doesn't cost too much to maintain.