5 Best Inflatable Jacuzzi Picks (Perfect for Unwinding)

If you’re looking for the best inflatable jacuzzi out there for your lawn, backyard, or even in your garage, you’ve come to the right place!

I’ve narrowed down the options and came up with the 6 best inflatable hot tubs you can ever find.

5 Inflatable Jacuzzi Hot Tubs Reviewed

Here are my inflatable hot tub picks worth checking out!

#1 Coleman SaluSpa Jacuzzi Inflatable Hot Tub Spa: Best Overall

Hands Down - the best inflatable floating hot tub I have ever encountered.

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Coleman SaluSpa Inflatable Hot Tub | Portable Hot Tub W/ Heated Water System & Bubble Jets | Fits up...
  • ENJOY THE ULTIMATE SPA EXPERIENCE: Nothing beats the feeling of sinking into a warm, bubbling hot tub after a long, hard...
  • EASY TO OPERATE: The digital control panel lets you dictate the water temperature (up to 104 degrees Fahrenheit) and...
  • DURABLE & INNOVATIVE CONSTRUCTION: The spa's durable PVC material and I-beam construction offer superior strength and...

You’ll find it hard to resist kicking up your feet and leaning your back in this hot tub. This rubber hot tub from Coleman can comfortably accommodate 5.

The walls have 2 layers of PVC material, with a mesh polyester in the middle to ensure both comfort and durability.

Its I-beam construction also makes it resistant to buckling and deformation!

For those who plan to get some sun while relaxing, you can bring this outdoors. It's UV-resistant and can withstand long hours under the sun.

inflatable jacuzzi featured image

You’ll have complete control over the spa settings as it comes with an easy-to-navigate digital control panel.

You'll be able to adjust the temperature, pressure, and filtration without standing or stepping out of the tub.


  • Reasonably priced
  • I-beam construction surrounding the jacuzzi
  • Can fit 5 to 6 pax!


  • Heat time can be improved
  • Affordable but not the cheapest option

#2 Intex 77in PureSpa Portable Bubble Massage Spa Set: Best Value

Where can I buy an inflatable hot tub for less than $400? With Intex, you can!

Intex 77in PureSpa Portable Bubble Massage Spa Set
  • The built in hard water treatment system makes water gentler on skin for a soothing experience
  • An insulated cover and lock is included to minimize heat loss and provides an added safety feature
  • Pure Spa provides simple maintenance with 2 easy to replace filter cartridges for clean refreshing spa water

Intex, who sells inflatable hot tubs at an affordable price, is a company that bags my top 2 spot!

For this price, you get an insulated cover, water settings, 3-way test strip, inflation hose, and a floating pool chlorine dispenser.

The Intex PureSpa is the perfect budget-friendly option with a 2-3 person capacity. Other noteworthy features include:

  • A hard water treatment system - meaning if you use unfiltered water, you won’t have to worry about it harming your skin. The whole system is designed to purify and make the water gentler on your skin and clothes. Talk about a soothing spa experience!
  • The components and design ensure a fuss-free spa while using it
  • The cleaning process of the Intex Purespa is also one of the easiest on the list

For this reason, the Intex Purespa tops my list as the best value jacuzzi.


  • Awesome price point
  • Comes with 2 filter cartridges for reduced costs


  • Small capacity to size ratio

#3 Bestway 60038E St. Lucia SaluSpa AirJet Inflatable Spa Hot Tub

Another top pick on my list would be the St. Lucia SaluSpa Airjet from Bestway.

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Bestway SaluSpa St. Lucia AirJet Inflatable Hot Tub Spa | Fits 2-3 Persons
  • Size: 67 in. x 26 in.
  • Perfect size for up to 3 adults
  • Easy-to-reach digital control panel heats the water up to 104˚F

It’s slightly cheaper but also comes with a handful of air vents. Not only bubble jets - you actually get a combination of air and heat massage!

The digital control panel means you won’t have to move a muscle to change temperature, massage, timer, and bubble settings.

In the control panel, you can also pre-program the heating system 40 days before. YES - 40!

Lastly, I’m a fan of its freeze shield technology. This function prevents damaging the material and liner during winter.

You can whip this out and preheat the water to spend some hours in this hot tub spa inflatable during the cold season!


  • Can withstand snow and low temperatures
  • Comes with pool cover


  • Slow heater
  • Small tub space

#4 Intex 28425E 77in PureSpa Inflatable Spa Jacuzzi (4 Person)

Another favorite from Intex, this inflateable spa offers maximum comfort AND durability. Built with fiber-tech construction, this design retains structural stability like no other.

INTEX 28425E PureSpa Bubble Massage, Inflatable Spa Set, Tan, 4-Person
  • Your purchase includes – Spa, heating/filtration/air blower/hard water system, two filter cartridges, thermal ground...
  • Product inner diameter – 57” | Product outer diameter – 77” | Overall height – 28” | Voltage – 110/120V |...
  • Seating Capacity – 4 People | Water Capacity – 210 Gallons

Rest assured, this will last you years as the 3-ply laminated material is puncture resistant.

Moreover, it also comes with a built-in hard water treatment system which helps ensure a more smoothing spa session in this 120 airjet filled jacuzzi.

If you need a relaxing spot that comes in a heavy-duty jacuzzi package, this one's for you!


  • Heavy duty option


  • Some reviews find troubleshooting the digital control panel a bit challenging

#5 Bestway 60022E SaluSpa Hawaii Inflatable Spa Tub (6 Person)

If you need a bigger tub for larger groups, the SaluSpa Hawaii from Bestway can fit 6 pax!

When folded, it’s compact and easy to assemble. It has safety locks and smart design air chambers to give maximum support and heat insulation.

On Sale Now
Bestway SaluSpa Hawaii AirJet Inflatable Hot Tub Spa | 71" x 71" x 26" Square Shape | Fits Up to 4-6...
  • Enjoy the ultimate spa experience: receive total relaxation when you slip into this square-shaped portable hot tub after...
  • Operate from inside the hot tub: The digital control panel lets you change the water temperature (up to 104 degrees...
  • Design delivers strength and comfort: Bestway Salsa Hawaii's y-beam construction is designed to offer maximum structural...

You’ll be thrilled to know it comes with both air and heat vents.

Among the large inflatable tubs and spas I’ve seen, this one comes with ChemConnect Dispenser. This emits safe amounts of chlorine while in use to make sure that the water stays sanitary.


  • Great option for big groups
  • ChemConnect ensures water stays clean


  • Not suitable for temperature below zero

Buying Guide of Jacuzzi Hot Tub Inflatable Outdoor Spa: What You Should Look For

With all the best inflatable hot tubs and spas on this list, I've created this guide to help you narrow down your choices.

Heating Performance

A crucial factor in inflatable tubs would be their heat generation capacity.

heating performance

You should be feeling an increase in the water temperature in 45 minutes to an hour. The right water temperature ensures maximum comfort in your hot tub inflatable spa.

Pump's Flow Rate & Massage System

Always check the flow rate and massage features of the inflatable swim spa.

pumps flow rate and massage system

Some offer bubble jets or air vents while some tubs come BOTH with air AND heat combination features.

You could also go for an inflatable spa with lights as a bonus feature/add-on. Don't forget the filter cartridges for proper maintenance too!

People Capacity

people capacity

For bigger groups or families, it would be best to invest in a bigger option. Otherwise, you can opt for smaller tubs to save space and water consumption.

Construction & Durability

Although it's made of plastic, check if the material and build can withstand years of use.

construction and durability

Choose an outdoor inflatable spa made with PVC materials or 3 ply or beams as these retain their structural integrity.

A durable inflatable spa bath should also have I-beam construction for longer lifespan.

Ease of Installation

Lastly, you wouldn’t want stress from the assembly process. Go for a self-inflating hot tub or easy setup tubs.

All the options listed above are straightforward and simple - you just need a pump and that’s it!

If possible, go for an outdoor inflatable jacuzzi with a user-friendly digital control panel for easier operation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Still not sure which inflatable whirlpool spa is for you? I'll answer more of your questions below.

Should You Shower Before Using an Inflatable Hot Tub?

Preferably, yes. Showering rids you of dust and dirt that can build up and block filters.

Is it Dangerous to Stay in an Inflatable Hot Tub Too Long?

It's important to keep track of the time you spend inside. Staying for more than 30 minutes can induce heat-related issues such as dizziness or nausea.

What Is the Best Temperature for an Inflatable Hot Tub Spa Be In Winter?

Most people set their tubs to 102-104 degrees during the winter season.

Where to Buy An Inflatable Hot Tub Spa?

You can buy inflatable jacuzzi online! Inflatable hot tub prices average between $400 to $900. However, higher-end rubber hot tubs will undoubtedly cost waaay more.

You might be wondering - where to buy inflatable hot tub? You'll find several online retailers available.

We highly encourage you buy your inflatable hot tub in-store or rather from the manufacturer itself. Other trusted sites like Amazon are reliable too.

Are Inflatable Jacuzzis Worth the Money: How Much Is an Inflatable Hot Tub?

An outdoor jacuzzi will you $500.

Comparing it to a real one which may set you back to at least $3,000, inflatable spas bring the same benefits.

Plus, portable inflatables mean you can bring them anywhere!

The Best Inflatable Jacuzzi Tub of 2021

Reward yourself with an inflatable whirlpool hot tub after a long day.

My top recommendation is the Coleman SaluSpa as it's reasonably priced and great for large groups. Combine that with its durability, easy installation, and great heat performance and you've got the best pick!

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