How To Lower Bromine In Your Hot Tub (Guide)

This post will help you understand the importance of bromine in hot tubs and how to reduce its amount in your spa.

Bromine is an important chemical in the hot tub industry. It's used to keep the water in your hot tub clean and free from pathogens like bacteria, algae, and so on. But unlike chlorine, bromine is slow-acting and stays in the water longer. It's also milder to the skin and eyes.

However, even bromine can be harmful to your hot tub and health if you use too much. We'll teach you the easiest ways to bring the bromine levels down when it goes beyond the recommended 1.0 to 3.0 ppm (parts per million).

Lower Bromine Levels in 3 Easy Ways

If you notice discoloration on your hot tub shell or cover, the water feels itchy, and so on, you need to check your hot tub's bromine levels. You probably have too much bromine in your hot tub.

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Lowering bromine levels is pretty much the same as lowering chlorine levels. However, some of these methods are better at reducing chlorine than bromine, so choose whichever works for you.

Method #1: Don't Use Your Hot Tub a Day or Two

Bromine takes longer to dissipate than chlorine, so you have to wait it out a little longer. Check your hot tub's bromine levels and return to it the next day. You'll notice the bromine levels drop slightly.

Depending on your current bromine levels, you may have to wait it out another day. However, if you want to speed up the process, another method allows you to do just that.

Method #2: Remove the Cover and Use Sunlight

remove the cover and use sunlight

Sunlight accelerates the process of reducing bromine in your hot tub, but this only works if you've had your hot tub set up or installed outdoors and exposed to direct sunlight. Otherwise, it's hard work. You're better off using chemicals than moving a 1000-pound hot tub outdoors.

Method #3: Add Fresh Water

A straightforward approach without using any chemicals is to simply drain some water out and replace it with fresh water. Do this little by little as opposed to making big jumps. You want to avoid overshooting and end up with less than ideal bromine levels in your hot tub.

add fresh water

Drain water to about two to three inches from the waterline and top it off with fresh water. Circulate water for about fifteen minutes and check the bromine levels. Repeat the process until you get the desired ppm of 1.0 to 3.0.

Method #4: Use Bromine Neutralizer

Now, if you want to reduce bromine levels really, really fast, there's no better way than to use chemicals that break down bromine and chlorine-like sodium thiosulfate. It's pretty cheap, and you only need 2 oz per 100,000 gallons to lower chlorine levels by 1.0 ppm.

However, as much as possible, try to reduce bromine levels without using chemicals because it could also affect your hot tub's water chemistry. Use it in a pinch, like when you need to use it for an upcoming party hours later.


There are many different reasons you might want to lower the amount of bromine in your hot tub. You might have sensitive skin or skin allergies or start seeing signs of corrosion in your hot tub. Whichever method you use, they all work well in bringing your hot tub's bromine levels to a safe level.