How To Get Rid of a Hot Tub? Here Are 5 Ways To Go About It

This article discusses the best ways to get rid of a hot tub. We will show you how to dispose of it safely and other more environment-friendly options.

Buying a hot tub can be a great addition to your backyard or home. But what if you want to get rid of it? Selling it can be pretty challenging. It's big, bulky, and extremely heavy. You may also have to deal with a few environmental issues, such as finding a suitable location for its disposal. So what are the best ways to dispose of a hot tub? We will discuss the best ways to dispose of a hot tub here.

5 Ways to Get Rid of an Old Hot Tub

There are many reasons why you want your hot tub gone for good. Maybe you don't use it often, or it's too old, and you want something new. However, hot tubs aren't something you could just put outside for someone to pick it up. Here are five things to go about it.

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Option 1: Trash It

You can cut it up into small pieces and send them to the landfill. This can be challenging if you haven't used industrial tools. For this task, you need a heavy-duty dust mask, a pair of gloves, eye protection, and a Sawzall reciprocating saw for this task.

Of all the options, trashing it is the least-environment friendly. Hot tubs cost a lot of money, and some people could just repurpose the parts and put them to good use.

Option 2: Junk It

Having someone pick it up from your property is a more environment-friendly option than chopping it up to pieces. You can try searching online for people or businesses who make money from junked items. Ask them if they're going to take it out of your property or have to move it out yourself.

Option 3: Trade It

Some hot tub dealers offer a trade-in program where you can swap your old but still functional hot tub and apply its value when purchasing a new one. This saves you time and money and allows you to simultaneously get rid of the old one and get a new one at a discount.

Option 4: Sell It

Another option would be to sell your hot tub. Just make sure it's fully operational. Putting a price tag on it works better than giving it away for free. Giving the hot tub instead of selling it creates a negative impression that it's old, worn-out, and needs a lot of fixing. Tag it around $100 to $500 for more expensive ones.

Option 5: Get Creative

Hot tub parts can be re-used and repurposed like the pumps, plumbing, hot tub shell, etc. For instance, you can flip the hot tub over, cut out an access door and turn it into a dog house. Or you can use it as a fish tank for landscaping. You can be as creative as you want.

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There are many different options for disposing of a hot tub, each having its pros and cons. Think it through before choosing which way to go. Try to recycle to reduce waste or have someone do it for you whenever possible.