A Dog in Hot Tub: Is It a Good Idea?

Many people think dogs like hot tubs as much as we do. We look at some of the reasons why having a dog in a hot tub might not be a good idea.

If you're thinking about buying a hot tub for your home, you might be wondering if it's a good idea to keep a dog in it. After all, dogs love to swim, although they can be very messy. But is it a good idea to keep a dog in a hot tub? Some think dogs should never be allowed in a hot tub, while others say it's not suitable for dogs. Here's why we believe it's not a good idea.

Dog hair can clog your filter

Dog hair floating on the hot tub surface can clog your filter. Think of how much dog hair gets on your floors every day, and imagine finding that in your hot tub.

dog in hot tub featured image

If dog hair is deposited into your spa filter, it can cause it to clog, and you may need to clean it more often than expected. This could mean dirty water, more debris in your spa, and broken mechanical parts.

You risk scratching or damaging your hot tub

Instead of resting on the seats, your dog will probably swim around the spa. If it doesn't enjoy swimming, it may even attempt to jump out of the hot tub, scratching or damaging your hot tub in the process.

scratching or damaging your hot tub

Some hot tubs are made from acrylic, but others may have a vinyl liner, and your dog's nails can easily nick or scratch them even when trimmed short.

Heated water is too hot for your dog

Dogs don't regulate their body temperatures in the same way we do. We sweat to cool down. When we get hot, we tend to feel warm all over. But dogs are covered in fur, so they don't sweat as much. They regulate their temperature by panting.

Hot tubs typically use water that is heated to a standard temperature of 102 degrees Fahrenheit. While this makes an enjoyable bathing experience for us people, it could mean the opposite for your pet dog. In fact, your dog could suffer heatstroke if they stayed long enough.

Chemicals in the water are too harsh for your dog

Chemicals in the water are harmful to dogs. The smell of chlorine is too strong for their sensitive noses and can irritate mucous membranes like the eyes and mouth. Some dogs might even drink from it, which is worse.

chemicals in the water are too harsh for your dog

Chlorine can also cause itchy skin, so it's best to keep your dogs away from hot tubs.

So what's the solution?

You can still enjoy a relaxing summer evening with your dog. Walking through the sprinklers or a quick swim in a chlorine-free kiddie pool may be fun if your dog likes water.

You might also consider making a relaxing area for your pet to stay in while you barbecue and enjoy your meal with your friends. Spending time with your pet is still a very important part of your life, even when you're busy with work and other responsibilities.


Dogs have their kind of relaxation different from us. Your friends might like soaking together in a hot tub, but your dog might not like it. Dogs love playing with water as much as we do. We just need to find ways to make it a lot safer for them.