8 Person Inflatable Hot Tub Reviews: The Largest Hot Tubs

Is your backyard looking a little empty? Then maybe an inflatable hot tub is for you!

From a spa experience to hot water therapy, to a heat sink for winter… There are plenty of reasons why a hot tub fits right in your backyard.

And if you have enough space? Invite your friends and have a backyard barbecue with the best 8 person spas today!

The Best 8 Person Portable Hot Tub Right Now

Here we go:

Lay-Z-Spa BW54113 Monaco Hot Tub With 8 Jets (8 Person)

If you're planning to make your hot jacuzzi a semi-permanent fixture in your home, look no further than the Monaco.

It's larger than most hot spas, so you can comfortably sit 8 people without cramping or crouching on the floor.

It's also more rigid than other options since it has reinforced walls. You don't need to dig a hole in your backyard - which takes time and extra money - to install your spa.

8 person inflatable hot tub featured image

Plus, it comes with all these features to make set-up quick and easy for you:

  • No need for extra tools, since the included digital control panel can inflate your jacuzzi in less than 10 minutes - and you can adjust water temp with the same controls, too!
  • Speaking of heating, this spa only takes just over 24 hours to heat - which is amazing, since an 8-person spa usually has more water volume to control.

It's also an extra luxurious spa with all these features to level up your garden:

  • A classy durable leatheroid cover resists scratches and punctures from pebbles and rocks.
  • Watch your stress melt away with its Lay-Z massage jet system. That's 120 air and 80 turbo jets to give your sore muscles a massage and a break!
  • Pre-set your heat using the digital control panel and temperature control pump, so you're up for relaxation as soon as you get home.


  • Intuitive digital pump system - inflates and controls jets at the same time!
  • No need for tools to set up
  • Your choice of air or hydro jets
  • Built-in water filtration system eliminates the need for a chemical floater
  • Quick water temperature heating


  • Too big for a lot of backyards

Worthy Inflatable Hot Tub Alternatives That Made It to Our List

These are great too!

Lay-Z-Spa Helsinki Hot Tub with 180 Jets

If you need something smaller for your backyard but with all the features the Monaco comes with, you can settle for the Helsinki and get the same high-quality experience!

The stylish wooden design is a centerpiece in your backyard. And you can even keep it in your garden all year round! With its freeze shield technology, your water won't freeze even on chilly winter nights.

A 180 Air Jet system surrounds the tub for a relaxing massage experience, so you can spend the night with friends in peace.

Speaking of friends, do you want a few drinks with your friends? How about champagne with your partner?

The Helsinki's pump has built-in drink holders, so you can enjoy the night while soaking in your hot tub.


  • Fast, tool-free, 5-minute set-up and inflation
  • Fits smaller backyards
  • Intuitive pump control design
  • High-quality water filtration system


  • More cramped than other 8-person inflatable hot tubs

Lay-Z-Spa Maldives Square Inflatable Hot Tub, 8 HydroJet Pro Massage System and 180 Air Jets (7 Person)

Tired of round tubs? Why not go square?

The Maldives Square has an aesthetic square design that can fit any corner of your backyard. If your space is too tiny, this square shape will help with picking a spot.

It uses the same freeze shield technology as its more expensive siblings, so you can enjoy a relaxing experience with your portable spa all year round.

Feel the warm, gentle touch of your 180 air jet setup, which you can control with a convenient digital pump, for a fuss-free experience.

If you like sitting in your hot jacuzzi, enjoy the Maldives' integrated inflatable seating - never buy seats again!

And hey, if you're feeling the party spirit, why not switch on the LED lights?


  • Year-round use
  • 180 air jets give a good massage
  • Comfortable inflatable seating


  • Limited massage settings

Who Should Buy an 8 Person Inflatable Hot Tub?

An 8-person hot pool is ideal for suit big families, a big backyard, or a big friend group. Never pay for another trip to the spa - just invite your friends to come on over.

who should buy an 8 person inflatable hot tub

The best part of having an 8-person pool is that you can also use it to heat up your backyard during the winter. If you have a hot pool with anti-freezing technology, you can use it any day of the year.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Your questions answered.

How Do I Maintain an 8 Person Hot Tub?

Maintaining an 8-person hot pool is extra tricky, since you've got a lot more surface area - and more water! - to take care of.

Since you'll be keeping your hot tub around for most of the season, you won't drain your water as often. That means you have to keep your pool clean and safe from risks.

One way is to set up a water filtration system. But of course, you need some regular maintenance to keep track of your jacuzzi, too. Here's how:

  • Watch for your hot tub's chemicals, and sanitize it with a chlorine or bromine-type disinfectant to kill harmful bacteria, contaminants, and pathogens.
  • Test your water's pH level with an affordable pH tester or strips. The ideal pH range is anywhere from 7.4 to 7.6. This keeps your skin safe from chemical burns.
  • After testing your water's pH, use a pH increaser or decreaser to get your hot tub's pH to the desired level.

What Is the Best Month to Buy an Inflatable Hot Tub?

A hot tub might be an impulse buy during the winter, but watch out! Since hot tubs are popular during the winter, it's actually best to buy a hot tub during the summer, when most don't need a hot tub.

Since there's less demand for hot tubs, you can score sales and deals you won't get when hot tubs are in demand.

Is Lay-Z Spa a Reliable Brand?

Lay-Z Spa is a reliable, trusted hot tub brand with over 750,000 customers all over! That's a LOT of people to be buying a hot tub from one company!

But it's so popular because it just works. And if you run into any problems, Lay-Z Spa offers a 2-year limited warranty and FANTASTIC after-sales support.

The best part? You can even buy spare parts so you don't have to drop extra dollars for a brand new spa! Lay-Z Spa is definitely a buy-it-for-life brand.

Is There a Big Difference Between 8 Person and 7 Person Inflatable Hot Tubs?

There honestly isn't a big difference between an 8-person and a 7-person inflatable hot tub. You'll be a bit more cramped in a 7-person hot tub if you're 8 people. And maybe you can't sit down.

is there a big difference between 8 person and 7 person inflatable hot tub

If you host big groups on the regular, it's best to choose a hot tub meant for 8 people. But if it's just a one-off event, you'll be safe if you choose a 7-person hot pool.

Is It Hard to Install an 8 Person Tub?

It's as easy to install an 8-person tub as it is to install smaller tubs. You might think that inflation will take longer, but it really doesn't.

If you purchase a hot tub with an integrated pump system, like the Lay-Z Spa Monaco, you can inflate your tub in 10 minutes!

The only struggle is filling your hot tub with water. That will take a little longer, and so will heating it up.

It might take around 24-36 hours to heat up a big tub to your desired temperature, so schedule your backyard soak just in time for your water to be just right.


If you have some real estate to spare, why not give an 8-person hot spa a shot?

It's multifunctional, decorative, and can definitely help you enjoy the cold nights of winter.

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