Why Is My Hot Tub Cloudy? 5 Reasons To Watch Out For

We will discuss why your hot tub might be cloudy and what you can do to resolve the problem in this post.

A cloudy hot tub is a common problem for many hot tub owners. It's probably the number one problem people have to deal with regularly. There are many reasons why a hot tub can become cloudy. Some think it's the bromine or metals present in the water. However, these assumptions might not be accurate.

If you're having problems with a cloudy, hazy, or milky hot tub, it could be one of the reasons stated in this article.

Your Water Is Too Alkaline

If you notice cloudy water in your hot tub, you might have very high alkalinity levels. It's a good idea to regularly check the pH levels and total alkalinity (TA) of your hot tub. Your TA should not exceed 150 parts per million (ppm); otherwise, carbonates will start forming, resulting in a cloudy hot tub. It's also hard to control your pH if your TA is too high. The ideal pH level for hot tubs is between 7.2 to 7.6. This can be solved using a pH decreaser.

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Water Source

Sometimes the water you fill your hot tub with is already cloudy. These could be particles or impurities suspended in the water. Proper filtration can solve this problem pretty quickly. Just circulate water in your hot tub for about an hour or two and let the filters trap the particles. You can help the filters by dropping a few ounces of hot tub clarifier directly into the water to coagulate suspended particulates.

Low Sanitizer Level

Sanitizers need to be at a certain level to work. Otherwise, bacteria, algae, and other organic contaminants will start growing fast. For chlorine users, it should be three to five ppm. If you're using bromine, two to three ppm will do. People who are sensitive to chlorine or bromine would often use as little as possible. This can be solved by combining alternative methods like Ozonator or mineral cartridge with traditional sanitizers chlorine and bromine.

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Hot Tub Filter

Hot tub filters are often overlooked when doing routine maintenance. They could be positioned incorrectly, allowing unfiltered water to circulate, or they're already gummed up with dirt and debris after weeks of use. Contaminants will start building up, resulting in a cloudy hot tub. Cleaning the hot tub once every two weeks should solve the issue. Over time, your filters will lose their ability to trap contaminants no matter how you clean them, which means you need a new set of filters. Paper filters usually last one to two years, while ceramic filters can last up to four years.

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Soaps, Lotions, Cosmetics, and Hair Products

The most common reason hot tubs become cloudy is the things we bring in, like detergents, body oils, hair, etc. They use up a lot of sanitizers and clog your filters too soon. Taking a shower before going to your hot tub will fix the problem. Sometimes we get too excited and skip the shower before dipping in. Likewise, if you have guests coming, ask them politely to take a shower. I'm sure they'll understand.


You can prevent a cloudy hot tub if you know what's causing them. Establish a regular maintenance routine like cleaning your filters, water circulation, checking your water chemistry, checking the sanitizer levels, and shocking your hot tub, and you won't have to deal with a cloudy hot tub again.