What's The Difference Between Hot Tubs and Jacuzzis?

This post explains the difference between hot tubs and jacuzzis, the pros and cons of each, and which one is right for you.

So, you're ready to get yourself a new jacuzzi. Like most people, you want something that looks good and fits right in. But what if you want a hot tub instead? Is there a difference between a hot tub and a jacuzzi? Is one better than the other? And which one should you buy? In this post, we'll answer all of your questions. We'll explain the differences between hot tubs and jacuzzis and help you decide which one is right for you.

Not All Hot Tubs are Jacuzzis

When people talk about jacuzzis, they usually mean hot tubs with pumps, jets, and heating elements. The truth is that a Jacuzzi is a specific brand of jetted hot tub, while hot tubs, in general, can mean many things. Some hot tubs have jets, and some don't. Jacuzzis are always jetted, and each jet is placed in a particular way.

What Is a Jacuzzi?

The Jacuzzi was a novel invention back in 1956. It was invented by, you guessed it, the Jacuzzis. It started as a portable submersible pump for pools and bath tubs to help people suffering from arthritis.

They integrated the pumps into their first jet whirlpool bath a decade later. It was a commercial success, and very soon, it became available to every family and household.

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The main feature that separates Jacuzzis from other hot tubs is their jets. You can find several hot tubs with jets similar to Jacuzzis, but theirs have a patented jet system specific only to their brand of hot tubs. They're usually installed in-ground, but more affordable above-ground models are becoming more popular.

With these features, you'd expect to spend somewhere between $3000 to $6000 for the low-end category and $15,000 to $20,000 for the high-end category. That's a hefty price tag for just one jetted hot tub.

Key Takeaways: Jacuzzis are a specific brand of jetted hot tubs that have their own particular design. They became top-of-mind for hot tubs because they were the first to introduce the idea and became extremely popular.

What Is a Hot Tub?

When people talk about jacuzzis, they really mean hot tubs in general. However, not all hot tubs are the same. The hot tub is a generic term referring to tubs with a heating element and can either have jets, bubblers, or no extra features at all. They're a lot bigger than bathtubs, with the biggest ones capable of accommodating up to six people.

They also come with their own plumbing and electronic controls and can have lots of other features like LED lights, Bluetooth, WiFi, and an MP3 player similar to Jacuzzis. Hot tubs are more competitively priced to reach a broader market. On the other hand, Jacuzzis are geared more toward high-end customers who want a premium experience.

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But that doesn't mean hot tubs don't give the same amount of fun and relaxation. It's all about personal preference and getting used to it. The benefits are essentially the same.

Key Takeaways: Hot tub is an umbrella term encompassing many types of heated tubs used in hydrotherapy, including whirlpool baths, spas, and portable and inflatable hot tubs. They're priced more competitively and are the main choice for people wanting to experience hot tubs on a budget.


You don't need to go overboard when choosing a hot tub. You can choose from a wide variety of hot tubs to suit your budget. But, if you're looking for something special, then the Jacuzzi might be more suitable for you. It's a little more expensive, but it's a more exclusive option to enjoy with your friends and family.