What Can I Put Under My Inflatable Hot Tub?

Scared of a blow-up hot tub or just want to experience your very own spa day?

We're happy to say that a spa day everyday is now possible!

Someone get the towels, please?

What to Put Under Inflatable Hot Tub: 5 Sturdy and Reliable Options

Just got yourself an inflatable hot tub and have no idea how and where to place it? Don't worry, we've prepared ALL the information you could possibly need!

Concrete Pad

One of the most popular and stable ways of securing your inflatable hot tub is by using a concrete pad!

Now, while it is a great base to place under your inflatable hot tubs, it's crucial you remember your solid surface underneath must be level.

concrete pad

The less uneven ground present on the surface, the better!

For good measure, the thickness of your concrete pad should be capable of supporting the hot tub's weight, as well as spread out the water throughout the hot tub base evenly.

Take note:A shallow space or smaller will create an uneven layer. And we DON'T want that.

Plastic Resin Base Pads

Moving on to another excellent solution to what we should put under our inflatable hot tubs dilemma, we present plastic resin base pads!

If you've come across any hot tub owners, they'll tell you this should be the base for your new inflatable hot tub! In fact, they're highly recommended for both indoor tubs and outdoor ones.

They're easy to set up, and are composed out of interlocking tiles to ensure a great fit under your tub!

More than just additional protection of your new hot tub from sharp objects, you'll also be able to easily dismantle them!

Someone ask for versatility and durability against broken glass? This is THE base for the job!

Hot Tub Pad

You can't ask about what to put under your inflatable hot tub without mentioning the inflatable hot tub mat. After all, this is what these hot tub pads were made for!

what can i put under my inflatable hot tub featured image

Fairly speaking, tub pads are a relatively new invention to the inflatable and portable hot tub problem. And yet their popularity is INCREASING for the right reasons!

For anyone who doesn't have a base in their garden, patio, or doesn't want to create a permanent base out of bricks, mortar, or concrete slab, this is the best solution available!

Foam Tiles

Have had a base for a while and figured you wanted something thicker than ground cloth? Perhaps these interlocking foam tiles are for you!

The foam material protects the base and allows for good heat insulation and water temperature properties to prevent any heat loss.

Like having your inflatable spas on grass?

This one's HIGHLY recommended for such settings!

If foam tiles didn't sound good enough, take note it's one of the cheapest options!

Ground Cloth

Hot tubs come with a ground cloth you can use to protect your inflatable hot tubs!

Despite all the doubts against the use of an insulated ground mat underneath your tubs, they do a good job of protecting the lining of your hot tubs from sharp stones or roots stemming from your garden!

Tips and Best Practice for Your Base for Inflatable Hot Tub

We're sure you're pretty curious about how to maximize the options above, so let's begin!

tips and best practice for your base for inflatable hot tub

Use Ground Cloth + Crushed Gravel If You're on a Budget

If you're on a budget, there's no problem with using cloth and gravel! Especially because you're more likely to place your hot tubs in the backyard, anyway.

Make sure, however, that its thickness must be at least 4 inches.

It would also be in your best interest to construct a frame surrounding the area!

Use Plastic Tiles If You Want More Flexibility or Customizable LED Lights

If you're more on the creative side, using plastic tiles would be a great way to minimize water damage yet make your inflatable tub yours!

Enjoy the freedom of color schemes to match your spa, wooden deck, or patio. And they're durable, too!

Use Wooden Tiles If You Want An Aesthetic, Luxurious Space

You've seen them before, and you can see them again.

More than being undeniable statement pieces, these also raise your spa a few inches off of the grounds, provide puncture protection, and make water easily drain through!

Is It Safe to Install My Hot Tub on My Decks?

Surprisingly, an inflatable spa could be heavy once it's already filled with water. Needless to say, it's a must to have support at your existing deck.

is it safe to install my hot tub on my decks

Calculate the Weight of Your Hot Tub Per Square Foot

A good way to prevent any complications would be to calculate the weight of your hot tub!

First thing's first, MULTIPLY the number of liters your hot tub can hold by 2.2. And then ADD the result to the total combined weight of the bathers.

Afterward, finish up by DIVIDING this by the area [=] square feet, of the base of the hot tub!

Can I Place My Hot Tub On Grass?

Yes - you can! But make sure to use ground cloth underneath. If you don't, the area where your hot tub sits can easily dry out the grass due to the heat.


When you're looking for hot tub support, there are a lot of options for you to choose from!

From budget, durability, and aesthetics, there's bound to be a base for you! Just don't forge the main reason why you're searching up for one is SAFETY and you should be good to go!