Bestway 77 x 28 Inch SaluSpa Palm Springs AirJet Inflatable 6-person Hot Tub Review

Ever wonder if you can keep hot springs in your own backyard for winter relaxation?

With Bestway's Saluspa Palm Springs AirJet Hot Tub, you can! Relax in the comfort of your own home with this versatile, collapsible, portable hot tub without breaking the bank.

Have a spa experience available all year round! Read below to find how you can enjoy your own hot springs at home.

Only Minutes to Spare? Here's a Quick Rundown of the Palm Springs Classic Inflatable Portable Spa Hot Tub

If you need a basic, easy-to-set-up, and huge tub for you and your friends? The Saluspa Hot Springs is definitely up your alley.

It has all the basics of a great tub: quick heating, programmable heater function, durable construction, and did I mention its huge water volume?

saluspa palm springs featured image

If you've got a big family, or maybe a small group of friends, you can have the ultimate spa experience without ever taking a 5-hour car ride. And if you're just one person using the tub? Indulge yourself!

SaluSpa Palm Springs Inflatable Hot Tub Features

The SaluSpa is a portable hot tub for fit for family and friends. It's got all these nifty features, so all you'll need to do is take a dip after a hard day at work!

saluspa palm springs inflatable hot tub features

You won't have to break your neck since the SaluSpa Palm Springs hot tub comes with these incredibly simple setup features:

  • Inflation pump is included in the box. Simply inflate using the instructions, which will take you about an hour.
  • The beige and white Tritech-reinforced exterior works well with any garden, backyard, or patio.
  • If you need to move it around to pick the perfect spot, the lift handles can help you out.
  • Ready to burn it up? Heat your water with the SaluSpa's rapid heating system. And if you're not ready to use it, cover up the SaluSpa with the thermal cover.

Using it is a breeze. You'll never have to stop mid-soak. The Palm Springs Hot Tub does these for you:

  • The digital control panel lets you set up your temperature and the built-in 120 massage jets at the same time!
  • Swim with peace, since this hot tub comes with a water filtration system that can remove all the nasty bacteria from your water.
  • Got a big group of six? They can all join in the fun! The Saluspa's huge water capacity and polyester mesh core give superior strength.

After you've had fun, you might think it's a headache to disassemble the tub. Not with the Palm Springs hot tub, where you can simply:

  • Attach a garden hose to a vent at the side. The water will drain off through the hose, mess-free!
  • Deflate using the control panel. For optimal storage, it deflates compactly so all you'll need to do is fold it up!


  • Quick to set up, easily heated with rapid heater
  • Large water capacity - can sit SIX people!
  • Save money with its power-saving pre-heat timer
  • No-nonsense heating process
  • Worry-free water cleaning
  • Great insulation


  • Doesn't have fancy features, like LED lights
  • Heavy box when shipped
Bestway Palm Springs Inflatable Hot Tub Spa
  • ENJOY THE ULTIMATE SPA EXPERIENCE: 8 adjustable HydroJet nozzles along the wall provide a soothing experience.
  • OPERATE INSIDE THE TUB: The digital control panel lets you change the water temperature (up to 104 degrees Fahrenheit)...
  • SUPERIOR STRENGTH: The puncture-resistant tri-tech material and I-beam wall construction ensures your hot tub will last...

SaluSpa Palm Springs AirJet Overview

This is a great product as well.


This is the feature that's going to make your jaw drop. You'll never leave anyone out of the fun with this tub's 254-gallon capacity.

saluspa palm springs capacity

You can even squeeze in six adults with its 77 x 28 inches of real estate. And I'm not talking an uncomfortable crowd here; the tub can sit six adults! Let everyone join in on the spa experience.

Massage System

A spa experience isn't complete without a full-body massage. And with this tub's 120 airjets, you can treat your tired muscles to rest and relaxation, without even leaving your home.

The massage action is pretty basic, but it's enough to beat your tired muscles to submission. And it's whisper-quiet, too, for an ultimate relaxing spa experience.

Water Treatment System

The Palm Springs tub uses a chemical floater system. Now, if the word "chemicals" scares you, relax! You'll only need to increase and decrease the pH levels using a pH increaser or decreaser.

It's a manual system, so you'll need to add your pH adjusters to your filter cartridge and let it float to keep your water clean.

Water Heating System

You can set your SaluSpa's water temp using the controls which are part of the inflatable pump. If your ambient temperature isn't freezing cold, you can expect an increase of two to three degrees per hour.

water heating system

If the water's still too cold for you to jump in, you can protect your tub from the elements with the included top cover, which doubles as a thermal shield.

And the best part? You get to save money and time by heating your tub way in advance! The power-saving timer lets you input your selected water temperature up to three days ahead of use.

With most inflatable hot tubs, you can only set up your temperature as you're using it, so this cool feature is a relief.

Setting Up the Bestway Palm Springs Inflatable Portable Spa

I love how easy it is to set this baby up. It doesn't need any extra tools or gadgets!

setting up saluspa

If you don't already have a pump on hand that's fine! Inflate this portable spa with the built-in airpump, and you're all set!

No extra tools? Budget price? There's no portable hot tub more affordable than the Bestway Palm Springs.

Is Any Maintenance Needed?

To keep your hot tub in tip-top shape, the great folks at SaluSpa supplied a set-up and maintenance guide DVD, so you can watch how to maintain your spa.

Maintaining this portable tub is the same as maintaining a fixed one at your home, so you can get some tips from there.

And if you need to see it for yourself, look at how all these other users set up their hot spa!

What about Warranty and Support?

Bestway offers a warranty for its accessories, liner, and pump, so if you run into any problems, it's as easy as submitting a claim online through the Bestway website.

SaluSpa Palm Springs HydroJet Inflatable Hot Tub Vs. SaluSpa Air Jet

The only actual difference between the Hydro Jet and the SaluSpa AirJet is… well, you guessed it: the jets.

  • With a hydrojet tub, the massage circulates by releasing water from jets on the sides of your tub.
  • Meanwhile, an airjet does the same thing - except, instead of releasing water, it releases air.

The sensation you'll get from a hydrojet might be better than an airjet, so if you have the choice and the money, choose hydrojet.

What Are Others Saying About This Product?

Just a click on Amazon will take you to a LOT of glowing reviews. Most people love how the heater works and is easy to use and set up.

With a tub this affordable, customers are surprised it can last them through the winter - and I can attest to this!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Your questions answered.

How Do You Inflate SaluSpa Palm Springs?

Inflating the Palm Springs Hot Tub is easy! Simply plug the tub into the included pump, set up the buttons for inflation, and pump away!

Is 40 degrees Hot Enough for a Hot Tub?

40 degrees - celsius! - is definitely enough for a hot tub. In fact, researchers found that the best results from hot water therapy happened at around that exact same temperature!

What Temperature Is Best for My Hot Tub?

Most spas set their heater up to 40 degrees, and a range of 35-45 degrees is ideal to get all the benefits from a tub, like better cardiovascular health and relaxed muscles.

Expert Purchase Advice: Should You Get the SaluSpa Palm Springs AirJet Inflatable Hot Tub?

If this is your first ever hot tub, the SaluSpa Palm Springs is definitely for you. Its controls are easy to understand, the set-up is a no-brainer, and it can fit a LOT of water.

Sure, it doesn't have a lot of fancy features, massage jets, or extra LED lights. But if all you need is a warm pool, why not pamper yourself with the SaluSpa Palm Springs?

Bestway Palm Springs Inflatable Hot Tub Spa
  • ENJOY THE ULTIMATE SPA EXPERIENCE: 8 adjustable HydroJet nozzles along the wall provide a soothing experience.
  • OPERATE INSIDE THE TUB: The digital control panel lets you change the water temperature (up to 104 degrees Fahrenheit)...
  • SUPERIOR STRENGTH: The puncture-resistant tri-tech material and I-beam wall construction ensures your hot tub will last...

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