Intex vs. Coleman Inflatable Hot Tubs & Pools: Which Is Better?

I know how frustrating it is to look at these two brands and think: WOW… they're exactly just the same above-ground swimming pools and hot tubs.

But try as they might look the same, Intex and Coleman Pools fundamentally differ in some features…

Here's how and why!

Coleman Vs Intex Pools: What Are The Main Differences?

A quick answer:

Coleman Above Ground Pools

  • Frame Design: power steel technology
  • Accessories: filter pump, ground cloth, ladder, pool cover, and a maintenance kit
  • Controls: integrated display screens on the top of the pump panel with a Power Saving Time feature
  • Size: always adjustable
  • Maintenance: easy with a provided maintenance kit and pool filters
  • Price: more expensive
coleman above ground pools

While it is still considered an affordable above-ground pool, I would say that the well-known Coleman is as premium as it gets for this price range.

Pros of Coleman Pools

  • Adjustable size for easier storage and transportation
  • More premium feeling
  • Privacy due to ground cloth design
  • Easy installation and maintenance

Cons of Coleman Pools

  • Unstable ladder compatibility
  • Expensive

Intex Above Ground Pools

  • Frame Design: 3-ply pool liner prism frame
  • Accessories: instructional DVD, pool cover, ladder, thermal ground cloth, and pump
  • Controls: integrated display screens on the top of the stand attached to the pump
  • Size: only sometimes adjustable
  • Maintenance: intuitive to set-up with a provided instructional guide
  • Price: more affordable
intex above ground pools

Intex above-ground pools may be offered at lower price points, but one thing you're guaranteed of is that: they do not compromise their quality.

We'll tell you more about this as we progress through this article!

Pros of Intex Pools

  • Sustainability and durability of the prism design frame pool
  • Resistance to punctures
  • Provision of accessories
  • Easy installation

Cons of Intex Pools

  • Not as sturdy without the accessories
  • May need to invest in better pumps

Now that's out of the way…
Let's move on by discussing each of their features more in detail and a direct side-by-side comparison!

Intex vs Coleman Spa: The Ultimate Comparison Guide of Each Brand's Features

intex vs coleman featired image

Materials and Ease of Installation

The easy answer is that both Intex and Coleman above grounds pools use the same material and construction for their inflatable spas:

  • Puncture-resistant laminated PVC
  • Reinforced seams

While true for both brands, Intex boasts its 3 ply liner or layers of materials which make them resistant to punctures.

Now don't get me wrong… the Coleman swimming pool also has this feature! The only difference is that it incorporates it deeply into its above-ground pool design which makes it hard to distinguish.

But as Far as Installation Goes…

I'd like to give this one to Intex.

but as far as installation goes

They're both easy to install! You'll be able to have your above-ground swimming pools in less than half an hour regardless of brand.

However, Intex offers great instruction and an easy-to-understand installation video manual.

  • For a Coleman swimming pool: the smaller the model, the simpler and easier the installation.
  • For an Intex swimming pool: does not depend on the size of their models… rather, for overall usability of all types and for all demographic of users.

Temperature and Usability of Control Panels

Both Coleman and Intex above ground pools offer temperature adjustment controls for the same features:

  • Temperature Range: 20-40 degrees Celsius
  • Heating Rate: 2 degrees per hour for a total of 5 hours to heat the entire swimming pool

That said, the main difference between the two brands is the location of the control panels:

  • For Coleman: Coleman swimming pools have integrated display screens on the top of the pump panel
  • For Intex: integrated display screens on the top of the stand attached to the pump

Filtration and Water Treatment System

Yet again another similar feature for both above-ground pool brands: they incorporate the use of a cartridge filter.

Both manufacturers effectively address the drawback from the shelf lives of these cartridges and ability to filter finer particles through the following:

  • Coleman Pools: chemconnect dispensers to easily disperse chlorine over their reservoirs
  • Intex Pools: hard water treatment to reduce calcium buildup and apt chlorine dispensers

Pump Functionality

What's great about the two pumps is they both easily combine features for inflation, heating, and filtering.

Both are powerful and functional in-ground pools, but they also come with clear distinctions between features!

  • Coleman Pools: 130 gals/h flow rate, Power Saving Timer, jet flow control, water pressure adjustability
  • Intex Pools: 460 gals/h flow rate, Krystal clear filter pump

Design & Ease of Maintenance

Coleman power steel frame ensures its durability and capability to carry more water weight.

design and ease of maintenance

But while being offered at a lower price range, Intex offers a prism ultra frame pool frame design that is no less durable than Coleman's power steel frame technology.

However, Coleman pools edges out Intex in the maintenance department as they come with a maintenance kit to help you minimize maintenance frequency.

Simply, they're easy to maintain!

These hold true regardless of whether you have a circular or rectangular pool.

Draining And Availability of Accessories

Nothing much to say here except that BOTH Coleman and Intex drain their swimming pools within several minutes:

  • Coleman pool offers an efficient flow control drain valve and convenient drain plug
  • An Intex pool offers dual suction outlet fittings

As for accessories, both come with pool covers, ladders, pumps, and ground cloths. Intex just offers an additional DVD manual while Coleman offers a maintenance kit.

Coleman Vs Intex Products: Intex 6-Person PureSpa Portable Bubble Jet Spa Vs. Coleman SaluSpa Inflatable Hot Tub Spa

Here are two of the brands' most popular products to help settle the Coleman pools vs Intex pools debate.

It would first be helpful to lay out what the two have in common before we compare their differences:

  • Pump
  • Insulated cover
  • Two cartridge filters
  • Inflation hose
  • 6-people capacity

Intex 6-Person PureSpa

This is slightly bigger with an 85″ x 28″ inflatable body with 250 gallons of water. The model also features the following unique features:

  • Thermal ground cloth
  • Floating chlorine dispenser
  • 3-way test strip
  • Carry bag
  • Head rests
  • Multi-color LED light
INTEX 28427E PureSpa Bubble Massage, Inflatable Spa Set, Tan, 6-Person
  • Your purchase includes – Spa, heating/filtration/air blower/hard water system, two filter cartridges, thermal ground...
  • Product inner diameter – 65” | Product outer diameter – 85” | Overall height – 28” | Voltage – 110/120V |...
  • Seating Capacity – 6 People | Water Capacity – 290 Gallons

Coleman SaluSpa

In contrast, the Coleman model features 77″ x 28″ and contains about 242 gallons. It also has a chemconnect dispenser for filtration.

On Sale Now
Coleman SaluSpa Inflatable Hot Tub | Portable Hot Tub W/ Heated Water System & Bubble Jets | Fits up...
  • ENJOY THE ULTIMATE SPA EXPERIENCE: Nothing beats the feeling of sinking into a warm, bubbling hot tub after a long, hard...
  • EASY TO OPERATE: The digital control panel lets you dictate the water temperature (up to 104 degrees Fahrenheit) and...
  • DURABLE & INNOVATIVE CONSTRUCTION: The spa's durable PVC material and I-beam construction offer superior strength and...

The Quick Verdict

These models are great starting comparisons for the brands.


Because you'll be able to see how Coleman thrives in high-quality practicality while Intex offers comfort and entertainment.

This is apparent in how Intex first and foremost offers a thermal ground cloth on top of the more useful accessories for a more intuitive experience.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Your questions answered.

How Often Should I Change the Water In My Hot Tub?

Every month. But highly consider your tub placement and the number of people that use it, too.

How Much Will an Inflatable Hot Tub Cost Me Per Year?

About $20-$30 per month at medium temperatures with frequent usage.

How High Should the Water Level Be In Hot Tubs?

I recommend filling it at around 80% capacity. But this again depends on the number of people that use it: the more people, the less water.

What Is the Best Way to Maintain and Clean My Hot Tub?

Water treatment is the usual way to go! Both Coleman and Intex offer chemical dispensers for either bromine or chlorine.

Just make sure to leave it for at least 10 minutes of usage to ensure safety.

Intex Pools Vs Coleman Pools: Which Brand Is Better?

Your takeaway from this guide should be that:

  • Intex offers more practical features
  • Coleman offers higher quality over the quantity of features

That said, just make sure you have a list of requirements to meet! Are you after practicality? Functionality? Aesthetic?

Whatever it is, having a list will surely make your decision more apparent.

In the end…

Which Inflatable Hot Tub Should You Get?

Choose Intex if: You're on a budget… and of course, want the same practical features.

Choose Coleman if: You're after a premium experience… and of course, wider size options.

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