4 Best Blow Up Hot Tubs to Beat the Winter Cold

Want something to beat that winter chill?

An inflatable hot tub is what you need!

Don't know where to begin?

We've got you covered! I'll be showing you my list of the best inflatable hot tubs.

Blow up ready?

Pun intended.

I'll even teach you all you need to know so you can choose the right one!

Let's go!

4 Best Air Up Hot Tub Picks Reviewed

Here we go...

1. Coleman SaluSpa Blow Up Hot Tub (4 to 6 Person): Best Overall

coleman saluspa blow up hot tub 4-6 person best overall
Capacity: 4 to 6 people | Water Capacity: 254 gallons | Maximum Temperature: 104°F | Bubble Jets: 114 | Size: 77 x 77 x 28 inches | Weight: 88 pounds

Let's start with my pick for the best inflatable hot tub!

The Coleman SaluSpa is at the top of my list of best inflatable hot tubs for the following reasons:

  • It's simple to set up and fill!
  • It's durable and comfortable!
  • Keeping your spa clean is easy!
  • Keeping your tub warm is trouble-free!
  • It's a COMPLETE package at a fair price!

Want to beat the winter chill and relax in your hot tub on your patio? The SaluSpa makes that possible!

On Sale Now
Coleman SaluSpa Inflatable Hot Tub | Portable Hot Tub W/ Heated Water System & Bubble Jets | Fits up...
  • ENJOY THE ULTIMATE SPA EXPERIENCE: Nothing beats the feeling of sinking into a warm, bubbling hot tub after a long, hard...
  • EASY TO OPERATE: The digital control panel lets you dictate the water temperature (up to 104 degrees Fahrenheit) and...
  • DURABLE & INNOVATIVE CONSTRUCTION: The spa's durable PVC material and I-beam construction offer superior strength and...

The reviews point out it's prone to pump issues though. Be careful.


  • Lay Z Massage system and AirJet system
  • Integrated water filtration system
  • Tri-Tech exterior and secure I-beam construction
  • Cushioned floor
  • Leatheroid pool cover (Has double safety lock clips and built-in air chamber for insulation)
  • Multi-function pump (Heats water, inflates SaluSpa, regulates water filtration system)
  • Power saving timer


  • User-friendly
  • Durable
  • Comfortable
  • Fairly-priced


  • Prone to pump issues based on reviews

2. Intex PureSpa Plus Blow Up Jacuzzi Tub (6 Person): Best Value

blow up hot tubs featured image
Capacity: 6 people | Water Capacity: 290 gallons | Maximum Temperature: 104°F | Bubble Jets: 170 | Size: 85 x 85 x 28 inches | Weight: 244 pounds

Up next is the Intex PureSpa Plus! It's my best value pick among the best inflatable hot tubs for these reasons:

  • It's the best inflatable tub at its price point!
  • It guarantees comfort and relaxation!
  • It's simple to set up and user-friendly!
  • It's very durable!
  • It also includes EVERYTHING you need!

You can easily sit back, relax, and have a toasty soak in your backyard with this roomy pop-up tub!

To give you a heads-up, Intex has poor customer service according to some reviews. Just keep it in mind before buying.

On Sale Now
Intex 28431E PureSpa Plus 85" x 28" 6 Person Outdoor Portable Inflatable Round Hot Tub Spa with 170...
  • Pampering yourself is easier than ever with 170 soothing high-powered jets that give you the ultimate spa experience in...
  • Provides relaxation at the touch of a button for up to 6 people with the easy-to-use, tilt-adjustable control panel
  • Built-in hard water treatment system makes water gentler on your skin, clothes, and the entire spa system


  • Tilt-adjustable digital control panel
  • Built-in hard water treatment system
  • Two contoured headrests
  • Multi-colored LED
  • Fiber-Tech construction
  • Includes 2 filter cartridges, chemical floater, insulated cover for your pool to minimize heat loss


  • MANY features
  • Most number of jets among the spas listed
  • Larger compared to others on this list


  • Intex has poor customer service according to some reviews
  • Needs more room due to size

3. Intex PureSpa Inflatable Jacuzzi Hot Tub (4 Person): Best Budget Pick

intex purespa inflatable jacuzzi hot tub
Capacity: 4 people | Water Capacity: 210 gallons | Maximum Temperature: 104°F | Bubble Jets: 140 | Size: 77 x 77 x 28 inches | Weight: 96.3 pounds

My best budget pick is the Intex PureSpa! Think of it as a smaller version of my best value pick.

Do you want all of the basic necessities (plus a little extra) in your inflatable spa, but at an affordable price?

Then this 4-person blow-up hot tub is for you!

It has all of what you would find in the Intex PureSpa Plus, but without all the extra bells and whistles:

  • The right number of jets for a good massage
  • Easy setup and maintenance
  • All the basic equipment and accessories
  • Durable build

This purchase is guaranteed to be worth it, especially if you don't want to hurt your bank account as much!

It does have a lower seating capacity, but it takes up less room!

INTEX 28425E PureSpa Bubble Massage, Inflatable Spa Set, Tan, 4-Person
  • Your purchase includes – Spa, heating/filtration/air blower/hard water system, two filter cartridges, thermal ground...
  • Product inner diameter – 57” | Product outer diameter – 77” | Overall height – 28” | Voltage – 110/120V |...
  • Seating Capacity – 4 People | Water Capacity – 210 Gallons


  • Built-in hard water treatment system
  • Filtration & air blower system
  • Fiber-Tech construction
  • Includes 2 filter cartridges, thermal ground cloth, inflation hose, carry bag, floating chlorine dispenser, and 3-way test strips


  • Most affordable option
  • Has ALL the basic necessities and a little extra
  • Occupies less space


  • Intex has poor customer service according to some reviews
  • Lower seating capacity

4. Bestway SaluSpa Miami Air Hot Tub (4 Person)

bestway saluspa miami air hot tub
Capacity: 2 to 4 people | Water Capacity: 221 gallons | Maximum Temperature: 104°F | Bubble Jets: 120 | Size: 71 x 71 x 26 inches | Weight: 53.9 pounds

If you're looking for something compact and covers all the basics, the Bestway SaluSpa Miami is a great pick!

Say hello to one of the easy set hot tubs you'll ever see!

It has all the benefits you would expect from an inflatable hot tub:

  • The right number of jets for a relaxing massage.
  • Easy setup and maintenance.
  • Easy-to-use controls.
  • A durable build.
  • It also includes all the necessities!

A disclaimer to take note of though, this inflatable hot tub isn't suitable for use under 39°F.

On Sale Now
Bestway SaluSpa Miami Inflatable Hot Tub, 4-Person AirJet Spa
  • Enjoy the ultimate spa experience: receive total relaxation when you slip into this soothing portable hot tub after an...
  • Dimensions: 71" W x 26" H | Inner Size: 52" W | Cord length: 9 feet
  • Operate from inside the hot tub: The digital control panel lets you change the water temperature (up to 104 degrees...


  • Digital control panel
  • Power saving timer
  • Tri-tech exterior and I-beam construction
  • Multi-function pump (Heats water, inflates SaluSpa, regulates water filtration system)
  • Includes cover, two filter cartridges, ChemConnect dispenser, lift handles


  • Has ALL the basic necessities
  • Occupies less space
  • Easy-to-move


  • Lower seating capacity
  • Isn't suitable for use under 39°F

What Should I Look For In Blow Up Spa: Essential Factors

They are:


Having a nice system of bubble jets is a staple if you're choosing from the best inflatable hot tubs. On average, an inflated hot tub would have 110 bubble jets.

massage system number of jets and water flow

An inflatable hot tub with bubble jets that provides the right amount of pressure is a must! Nothing beats a warm soak to beat the winter chill and getting a relaxing massage at the same time!

Included Accessories

Additional accessories are something you usually find included with the best inflatable hot tubs. Some would include added accessories like:

  • Digital controls
  • Insulated cover to lessen the loss of heat
  • Cupholders
  • Headrests
  • Carrying handles
included accessories

These add-ons make the best inflatable hot tubs worth the purchase!


This always plays a huge role in decision-making. Just consider whether your portable hot tub covers all the basics you need and fits your budget!

Heating Performance

This is the main reason you're considering an inflatable hot tub, right?

How long does it take to get warm water? Will it be able to maintain that warmth? The best inflatable hot tub for you should keep up with the temperature outside too!

Size & Durability

The perfect size matters when buying an inflatable hot tub.

If you're going for a bigger size, keep in mind a larger hot tub requires more water, electricity, and a larger area to occupy!

As for durability, just choose those made of puncture-resistant materials.

Pro Tip: Watch out for names like Fiber-Tech in the fine print. Reinforced walls are a plus!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Your Qs A'd.

How Hot Should an Inflatable Jacuzzi Spa Be?

Inflatable hot tubs should heat up to a maximum temperature of 104 degrees Fahrenheit. If the inflatable hot tub you're looking at can't reach that, don't buy it.

Do Inflatable Hot Tubs Pop Easily?

No, they don't. Inflatable hot tubs aren't easy to pop.

They're normally made from tear-resistant 3-ply vinyl so there's nothing to worry about.

Pro Tip: You can easily patch these up in the unlikely event of a tear though.

Can You Use a Jacuzzi Hot Tub Blow Up During Winter?

It's not recommended to use an inflatable hot tub in air temperatures below 40°F. But in reality, the answer is YES. Most inflatable hot tubs are good to use in winter.

If you place your hot tub outdoors, it may struggle to maintain the set water temperature if the weather drops below 40°F.

Pro Tip: An insulating ground mat below the tub keeps your water temperature steady. The best inflatable hot tubs come with a pool cover to minimize warmth reduction too!

Are Blow Up Jacuzzi Hot Tubs Expensive to Run?

YES. An inflatable hot tub is more expensive to run than a regular hot tub.

You can actually expect an increase in your monthly electric bill. That's because the insulation and efficiency of the equipment aren't as good as a permanent hot tub would have.

Pro Tip: Insulated ground mats make a blowup hot tub more energy efficient since it minimizes warmth reduction.

Blow Up Portable Hot Tubs Reviews Verdict: What Is the Best Blow Up Hot Tub?

To sum it up:

Budget Choice: Intex PureSpa

This one was easy. It was about getting ALL the basics necessities, plus a little extra, at a very affordable price!

You can't beat that when you're on a budget, right?

Runner Up: Intex PureSpa Plus

Aside from the price difference with our winner, this one came in as my runner-up because it's pretty heavy.

That doesn't take anything away from it. It's actually the best option at its price point and has EVERYTHING you need!

Winner: Coleman SaluSpa

There's no question why I think this is the best pop-up hot tub.

  • It has the right number of jets.
  • Its cushioned floor adds comfort to your warm soak.
  • The rapid heating system makes reaching 104 degrees Fahrenheit a cinch!
  • You can control your water's temperature in advance.
  • A key feature is its multi-function pump that does everything for you!

Overall, it's a COMPLETE package that you could get at a FAIR price!

Have an Inflatable Outdoor Jacuzzi in Mind?

Final question: To buy inflatable jacuzzi hot tub? Yes or No! I believe you should! Hopefully, my guide of the best inflatable hot tubs helped you make the right choice!

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